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Social Justice Ireland’s Weekly Digest

Social Justice Ireland continues to publish our series of articles and create content for our podcast on areas of particular concern in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.  This week we published our annual Poverty Focus 2020 focusing on the nature and experience of poverty in Ireland; we considered the lessons that could be learned from the impact of COVID-19 on how we work; what a Green New Deal for Ireland might look like; and the impact of COVID-19 on Rural Ireland.  We also released a podcast discussing the Finnish Basic Income Study with Ville-Veikko Pulka of the University of Helsinki.  We thank you for your interest in our work.

Until next week, stay safe.

26. SJI Interviews Ep12: The Finnish Basic Income Study, with Ville-Veikko Pullka of the University of Helsinki
In Episode 12 of our Interview series, Social Justice Ireland’s Economic and Social Analyst Eamon Murphy talks through the findings from Finland’s recent basic income trial, and speaks with Ville-Veikko Pullka of the University of Helsinki.

Finland recently released the results from the world’s first statutory, nationwide and randomized basic income trial. It has aroused a lot of interest internationally, with many wondering what the trial would show around questions like how basic income affects people’s participation in the labour market, and what were the effects on things like the wellbeing of recipients. Listen here to find out.

Listen on iTunes, Spotify, Podcast Republic or wherever you get your podcasts. You can also download direct from our website.  


Rural Ireland and the impact of Covid-19
As we navigate through the global crisis caused by COVID-19, it is clear that rural areas will bear a significant social and economic impact over the long-term.  The challenges that faced rural Ireland prior to the current pandemic such as higher poverty rates, lower incomes, fewer public services remain, and new challenges have emerged, not least the impact of a potentially prolonged period of unemployment on areas that were already struggling. Read More.


Enrolment now open for MA in Social Justice and Public Policy
The MA in Social Justice and Public Policy is a 2-year part-time programme – delivered in Dublin – which gives students a unique opportunity to develop a theoretical framework and the deep capacity for analysis, understanding, knowledge, skills and practices needed to engage meaningfully in social change towards a more just and inclusive society, focusing particularly on in?uencing public policy.

Social Justice Ireland is a key partner in this programme. Read More.

Poverty Focus 2020
Poverty focus is an annual publication from Social Justice Ireland where we focus on the nature and experience of poverty in Ireland. Drawing on the available statistical evidence, we outline how poverty is measured, the value of the poverty line and consider many of the groups in our society who are most exposed to living life below the poverty line. Read More.


Uneven impact of Covid-19 crisis will lead to increase in poverty
Life on a low income is the norm for a large proportion of our society. Prior to the current public health crisis, one in every seven people in Ireland lived with an income below the poverty line; about 680,000 people. Looking ahead, these numbers look set to rise as the very uneven impact of the Covid-19 crisis unfolds.  Read More.


Lessons learned from the COVID-19 lockdown
The COVID-19 crisis has changed how we live our lives and, in many ways, served to highlight inefficiencies or flaws in how we have structured our society or how we conduct our business. The pandemic and subsequent lockdown has also caused many of us to re-evaluate our perspectives on how society operates, and given us new found respect for certain professions and industries. Here are some lessons we hope that policymakers have learned from this current situation. Read More.


A Green New Deal for Ireland – policy options
As we look towards the future and rebuilding our society and our economy the new Government must consider how we can ensure that our recovery package and investment priorities post COVID-19 help us build a sustainable society and economy, and also move us towards a just transition and meeting our climate targets by 2030. Read More.


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