Property Marking Machine

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Property Marking Machine

High praise to Cooley Community Alert for all their efforts recently in ensuring that local community property is marked using the Louth County Council/Louth PPN Property Marking Machine.

The Property Marking Machine, can punch your EIRCODE into almost any object*, making it a less attractive target to thieves, and making it simple to re-unite you with your property should you ever lose it.
We are lending the machine out to community groups, sports clubs,
businesses, etc. – anyone who wishes to organise a property marking event in their area.

The machine works by stamping your Eircode into your object using a
pattern of dots. The size and depth of the stamp is adjusted, depending on the material to be marked. Anything from an iPad to an Ifor Williams can be marked, including leather saddles, carbon fibre bikes, wood, plastic, and aluminium. Rounded and flat surfaces can be marked.

* The only material that cannot be marked is glass, as this can shatter—some makes of smart phone have glass cases, so cannot be marked.

If you are interested in organising a property marking event, please register your interest with the Louth PPN Section @ ppn@louthcoco.ie . A list will be compiled in order of registration and once normality settles back in after COVID19, we will contact you in order of your registration to book the machine