Monitor progress on-demand with Skills Summary

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Skills Summary is a easy-to-use online tool that measures the skills young people gain by taking part in non-formal education. It is aimed at young people aged 16-25 and helps to build their confidence and allow them to better communicate the skills they have gained through this participation.

The tool is also for youth workers and other practitioners and supports your role in young people’s skill development.

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Using the reporting function now available in Skills Summary:
• Get quantitative data about the skill development of the young people you work with
• Measure your achievements and the impact of your work for reporting and funding applications
• Capture progress and track the skill development of the young people you work with over time
• Enhance your service by using reports to identify gaps in provision and plan ahead

To access the reporting function, log on to your Skills Summary account, navigate to the monitoring tab, and click Track User Progress.

If you’re not using Skills Summary yet, you can sign up free here.