Health Checks in Ardee, Dunleer & Collon

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The Dee Hub,  with financial assistance from Louth County Council through the Town and Village Funding Scheme, commissioned health checks for Ardee, Dunleer and Collon.  The work was carried out over the past three months with workshops held in the three towns in early December.  The health checks are complete and the Dee Hub and Louth County Council is now returning to each community to agree the Development Priorities contained in the checks.  The meetings will be held  as follows:

Ardee (Dee Hub)   7 pm to 9 pm   Monday, 18th February

Dunleer (Market House)   7 pm to 9 pm   Tuesday, 19th February

Collon (Mattock Rangers Clubhouse)   7 pm to 9 pm   Wednesday, 20th February

The Health Checks give each community an opportunity to assess its strengths and weaknesses and identify development priority areas which can inform key stakeholders including Louth County Council when developing their own plans.