Health Check Assessments for Collon, Ardee & Dunleer

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The Health Check has been prepared to provide a “stock-take” of the current economic, social, environmental and physical situation relating to the town in order to assess the vitality and viability of the town centre. The assessment essentially analyses the strengths and weaknesses of a town and is based on a quantitative analysis of factors such as the range and quality of activities in the centre, its mix of uses, its accessibility to people living in the area and its general amenity appearance and safety. It involves consultation and input from various sources including the community, visitors and traders. Following a needs assessment, recommendations / actions have been outlined and based on factual findings and community needs / inputs.

This document will be made available to local groups and organisations to assist in the preparation of applications for funding from various public and EU co-financed programmes and initiatives and will provide an evidenced based foundation upon which future investments in the village can be considered.

Click below link.

Ardee Town Health Check

Collon Village Health Check

Dunleer Town Health Check