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As a Network of Volunteer Centres throughout Ireland we want to let you know how we are working collectively with all relevant government Departments, national oIt is the view of the Louth PPN that providing sustainable support to communities will form part of the mobilisation effort.

Community action will need to balance personal safety, distance and collective activity.

We wish to gather information from groups operating on the ground to help coordinate work and resources within Louth, avoid duplication and ensure coverage of support.

If your group is active or plans to provide practical, community supports (e.g., food shopping, collecting prescriptions etc) to the elderly, vulnerable or those who have to self-isolate with nobody to assist them during the COVID-19 phase, then we would appreciate your response to the questions below:

1. Does your group plan on providing community support?
2. What does your group plan to do?
3. What geographic area do you plan on operating within?
4. What group or community members do you plan on helping?
5. Are you linking with other groups or services?
6. What resources have you got to deliver your plan?
7. What supports do you need?
8. What service gaps have you come across?
9. How can we close these service gaps?
10. What are your concerns about providing support?
11. Do you have contact information that you want to share with the PPN so we can share with the community?
12.Can we share your information with Louth Volunteer Centre?

The information gathered will give us a picture of community support and needs which can be integrated into response planning in Louth.

Please send your responses to ppn@louthcoco.ie

We are really grateful for your support, contribution and assistance as always in sustaining our Communities.

rganisations plus local community groups to support the response to the management of COVID-19.

We commend and value the community based volunteer response that is mobilising and intend for this communication to provide organisations with practical advice and guidance, bearing in mind that as a community our main task is to minimise the spread of coronavirus.

How do I advertise urgent roles?

You can upload roles the way you always have. If the volunteer role is related to COVID-19 in any way, contact us and let us know so we can prioritise processing and promotion of the role.

If the role requires Garda vetting we will also prioritise this.

What extra support will you provide us during this time?

We will prioritise promotion for roles related to the COVID-19 response along with Garda vetting for those roles where relevant. If you need extra support around recruitment or screening of volunteers, contact us directly and we will do what we can to help.

What if my organisation is not part of the COVID-19 response?

We will continue to provide a service to all organisations but our response time may be slower than normal as we prioritise support for those on the front line of this emergency response.

Finally we want to wish you all well over the next few weeks. We have been overwhelmed by the good wishes and kindness of both volunteers who want to help and organisations seeking to care for those who are most vulnerable.

We’re at the end of a phone or email if you need any support. Do make sure to follow your local Volunteer Centre’s Facebook Page for the latest updates. Remember you can access the contact details of your local Volunteer Centre via www.volunteer.ie

Covid19 Information – Volunteer Guidance